Exclusive Interview with Shashank Shende.

Exclusive Interview with Shashank Shende.

Shashank Shende is one of the stellar actors Marathi Industry is blessed with.

National award-winning director, Makarand Mane, along with upcoming YOUNGRAAD, has directed Shashank Shende's RINGAN. 

Now, with Youngraad, Shashank Shende is also stepping into writing as he has written the screenplay of the movie. 

In a tête-à-tête conversation with Shasahnk Shende, the actor reveals about his experience working in the Marathi Industry and his vision of making Marathi Industry a better one.

The senior actor urges everyone to watch more of Marathi movies as they are content-rich. Shende also feels it is necessary for everyone to support regional cinemas to make them grow globally. 

Have a look.

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