Check out the quirky side of your favorite M-Town Artists

M-Town Artists

Being quirky never hurts anyone!

It’s rather an indication that we still have a 5 year old alive in us. 
From posting pouty selfies to making funny faces, our M-Town celebs have done it all.

1) Vaibhav Tatwawaadi, Pooja Sawant & Bhushan Pradhan

2) Lalit Prabhakar

3) Amruta Khanvilkar & Mithila Palkar

4) Tejaswini Pandit & Sai Tamhankar

5) Sonalee Kulkarni with her Mother

6) Rasika Sunil

7) Siddharth Chandekar & Sai Tamhankar

8) Shruti Marathe, Abhijeet Khandkekar & Neha Pendse

9) Shreya Bugade & Akshaya Deodhar

10) Siddharth Menon & Amey Wagh

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