LOVE LAFDE: The First Marathi Movie to be released via Mobile App!

Love Lafde

Home Cinema Concept (H.C.C.) is a mobile application which is releasing a Marathi movie ‘LOVE LAFDE.’ This movie will mark the record of being the first ever Marathi Cinema to be releasing globally via an application.

‘H.C.C.’ is the First Indian App which is creating a platform for Marathi Movies which are left unreleased.

Fasten your seats to witness this huge addition to the Marathi Fraternity.

In a recent interview, Sadanand Ippakayal, the Founder of H.C.C. Network, says “the Application is a platform for all the Unreleased Marathi Movies and we plan to release 3 to 4 movies in a year. The movies will be available on the portal for 3 months starting from the date of its release.”

The movie revolves around the life of college students and their love-hate relationships.

Sumaydh Gaikwad and Geeta Kulkarni are the producers with Sachin Ambat as the Director.

The movie stars Rohit Phalke, Ruchita Jadhav, Sameer Choughale, Nayan Jadhav, Avdhoot Wadkar, Monica Dhabade, Sankay More and Sumaydh Gaikwad.

Official Trailer - 

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