M-Town Artists & their Adorable Pets

M-Town Artists & their Adorable Pets.

Life is so much better when you own a pet. You laugh together, you cry together, you always be together. A pet is his owner’s BFF!

We all know at least one person, who is an ardent animal lover. Every pet owner believes Pet>Humans and we surely cannot deny!

Here’s a list of Celebrities who absolutely adore their Pets, love them beyond anything and make sure we know about it.

1) Riteish & Genelia with Flash

2) Pooja Sawant with Scooby and Alpha

3) Vaibhav Tatwawaadi with Bhurya and Kaalu

4) Shreyas & Deepti with Don

5) Supriya Pilgaonkar with Jack

6) Mrinmayee Godbole with Sherlock


7) Atul Kulkarni with Jaai

8) Tejaswini Pandit with Simba

9) Mukta Barve with Zendu

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