Katekar shines in the new PayTm O.D.I. Trophy advertisement.


Actor Jitendra Joshi is amongst the few Marathi actors who is popular even in the Bollywood. 
The 38 years old actor is known for his marvellous acting skills, perfect timings and hard-work he takes prior to portraying any role. 

He was a part of recently released Indian series on Netflix, Sacred Games, who portrayed the role of  Mumbai Police Constable Katekar. His performance was next level altogether & was appreciated by many. 

His death in the show was mourned by many. He was everyone's favourite Katekar. 

But, don't worry! You all can see your darling Katekar in PayTm O.D.I. Trophy's advertisement. After performing Katekar, Joshi has become popular globally and has been getting many new opportunities. 


Jitendra Joshi has been a part of theatre, movies, reality shows and has played protagonists, second leads, comic roles and villains.

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