Historical movements being a part of cinematic projects is becoming a trend nowadays and we have seen so many Films, and short films made on the subject. Recently ZEE5 dived into a similar space to explore Sanmyunkt Maharashtra Movement, with a series titled "Hutatma". The season 1 of web series hit the digital platforms on Maharashtra Day, 1st May 2019 and went on to receive immense praise from the critics as well as the audience. As promised, ZEE5 strikes again with Hutatma Season 2 and the trailer hints nothing less than a Promising and a deserving second season. If you want to experience something worthy then just drop whatever you're doing and watch the inspiring trailer of Hutatma season 2 now.

 Hutatma Season 1 left us with wanting more situation and the incomplete saga is gonna be continued in Season 2. All the characters have become familiar now since the Season 1 elaborated and set every character in a fine way. Looking at the trailer it seems that all the characters we know are yet to explore many different and unknown things. For instance, the central character Vidyut played by Anjali Patil sounds completely different in the trailer. Now, isn't it enough to excite you? If no, then something more like the Emergency situation and Political conspiracy is also there in the plot to boost your excitement. 

 Talking about the main character, Vidyut (Anjali Patil) is unlikely to keep that endurance and sweetness alive. Instead, she is looking like a total hardcore Rebel and the Transformation in Season 2 is surely going to be a thing to watch out for. Anjali Patil is one of those Tremendously talented actresses in our industry we must look forward to. 

 Details about the Promising Career of this Powerhouse Performer can be read

 One can expect that there would be many conflicts explored in the vast canvas of the narrative in this season. As mentioned in the trailer, revenge was simple, but not easy. Listening to it, we can't stop guessing over the idea. One more philosophy from the Rebel's Point of View i.e. 'Revenge has no ideology' also makes you think deeply about the discussed themes in the series.

 Coming to the cast, the Samyunkt Maharashtra Movement involved so many leaders and personalities and that makes casting a very difficult job for the director. However, Hutatma never looked that confused while casting talented actors in season 1 and Season 2 as well. Most of the cast remains same and people are eager to see Collaboration of Director Jayprad Desai with efficient artists like Vaibhav Tatwawadi, Abhay Mahajan, Sachin Khedekar, Anand Ingale, Lokesh Gupte, Chhaya Kadam, Ashwini Kalsekar etc. 

 With Hutatma Season 2, ZEE5 will be continuing their glorious track record on Digital Platforms. Having delivered so many quality movies and web series including the recently released Kaafir, ZEE5 is poised to become People's Favourite. So, if you haven't watched Hutatma Season 1 yet, catch it ASAP on the website or download the ZEE5 App. The much awaited season 2 of Hutatma will be releasing on the platform on 1st July 2019.

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