TULA PAHATE RE will replace THIS popular series of ZEE MARATHI.

Subodh Bhave

Subodh Bhave is all set to enter the small screen again with an upcoming daily soap on Zee Marathi titled TULA PAHATE RE. The series will revolve around the love story of Isha and Vikram Saranjame.

The on-going popular series MAZYA NAVRYACHI BAYKO starring Abhijeet Khandkekar, Anita Date and Rasika Dhabadgaonakar is soon to wave a good-bye to the audience.

Yes! You read it right. MAZYA NAVRYACHI BAYKO will be replaced by Subodh Bhave’s upcoming series.

M.N.B revolved around the lives of Radhika (Date), her husband Gurunath (Khandkekar) and his girlfriend Shanaya (Rasika). Gurunath is trapped between his wife and his girlfriend.

After portraying the role of Avinash Deo in Suyash Tilak, Suruchi Adarkar starrer KAA RE DURAVA, a series on Zee Marathi, Subodh Bhave will be making a comeback in the world of Television after 2 years.

Zee is coming up with a series that sends out a message that Love has no age limit. Gayatri Datar will be debuting with TULA PAHATE RE as Isha.

The show will be Directed by popular director Girish Mohite.

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