The Promising Career of a Powerhouse Performer - ANJALI PATIL before ZEE5’s Hutatma !


 Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Sinhala and English - These are the number of languages that Anjali Patil has worked in over the course of her film career. However, in whichever language she has worked in, Anjali has picked incredibly powerful roles. As she takes a step into the digital content space with ZEE5’s Hutatma Marathi Original Series, Anjali continues her records of author-backed roles. Based on the unforgettable and historic 'Samyukt Maharashtra Movement', the series was released on the occasion of Maharashtra Day this year.

 Talking more about the actress, Anjali Patil was born and brought up in Maharashtra. She was known to be passionate about acting since her school days and had decided to make a career in the acting field. In this pursuit, she went on to complete her Masters in Theatre Design at the National School of Drama (One of the Prestigious Acting School in India). Anjali's first feature film appearance came through Prashant Nair's international film 'Delhi in a Day'. She went on to receive critical acclaim and that was the opening bell of her acting career. Continuing the success, she appeared in many Bollywood films and regional films too. She has received the IFFI Best Actress Award, Silver Peacock Award at 43rd International Film Festival of India for the Srilankan Film and the most prestigious,
National Award (Special Mention) for her Telugu film 'Naa Bangaaru Talli'.

 With such a brilliant track record, which director won't like to have Anjali Patil in his/her film? Hence, Anjali Patil is one of the first names that comes to your mind for many when actresses with well-written characters are discussed. Even in ZEE5’s original series Hutatma, Anjali as Vidyut is in top form from the first frame till the last one. She plays a dashing and careless character who never shies away from saying anything that she feels. She can reject her marriage talk roughly in seconds and later she can convince her father that she took the right call.

 Watching the transition of Anjali’s character Vidyut from a non-political and careless girl to a rebel fighting for her rights gives goosebumps. Further making it intense is the fact that the circumstances of the series are inspired by the legendary Samyukt Maharashtra movement.

 So, whether it was Naa Bangaaru Talli’s Durga, Newton’s Malko, Kaala’s Puyal or Hutatma’s Vidyut, Anjali Patil’s
cinematic career is filled with performances that will be remembered for a long time. So, which is your favourite Anjali Patil movie? Have you seen ZEE5’s Hutatma? What are your views about it? Let us know in the comments.

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