Mangesh Kadam, Leena Bhagwat and Shashank Ketkar

Marathi plays are steadily garnering the audience with different concepts and realistic performances within.

It seems the golden period of plays in back in action with many people moving towards theatre these days.

There are many on-going plays which are entertaining the people and amongst them is GOSHTA TASHI GAMTICHI, directed by Adwait Dadarkar.

The play had successfully completed whooping 410 shows till date, but it wasn’t to be seen anywhere since past 6 months.  But, now, after a short gap, the artists are all set to entertain the audiences once again with this mind-blowing play.

The play stars Shashank Ketkar, Leena Bhagwat and Mangesh Kadam in lead roles and revolves around the topic of generation gap.

The play is written by Mihir Rajada, who is currently a part of Zee Marathi’s popular series MAZYA NAVRYACHI BAYKOand produced by Sonal Productions.

Shashank Ketkar took to social media to announce the news of GTG’s comaback.

Here’s what he said, ”असं म्हणतात नाकी लांब उडी मारायची असेल तर दोन पावलं मागे यावं लागतं.

तसंच ४१० प्रयोगांच्या यशस्वी घोडदौडी नंतर आम्ही  महिन्यांची विश्रांती घेतली होती आणि आता आम्ही पुन्हा सज्ज झालोआहोततुम्हाला आमची गमतीची गोष्ट सांगायला,लांब उडी मारायला!

Are you excited?”


We are more than excited to see this talented trio rocking the stage once again.

The play resumes from 1st weekend of August.

Go, grab your seats now.

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