Unveiling Sumedh Mudgalkar’s Ticket To Film Industry…

Sumedh Mudgalkar

Sumedh Mudgalkar, who is all set to entertain the audience with his upcoming movie ‘BUCKET LIST’, in a telephonic interview with our team, opens up about his journey from being a dancer to now being a reputed actor.

    You are a professional dancer. You have participated in reality shows like DANCE MAHARASHTRA DANCE and DANCE INDIA DANCE, on National level, what made you change your track to becoming an Actor?

Sumedh: Frankly, it wasn’t a tangent jump. I have had always wanted to be an actor and I believe that to be a successful artist, it’s necessary to have knowledge of everything w.r.t. the profession. I feel Dance can be learnt but acting is something which comes from within. It was easier for me to join Dance Classes prior to joining any Acting Workshop. I feel once a person is a good dancer, acting is comparatively easier, because dance teaches you how to express yourself and that is the essence of an actor.

Q: You have worked in Hindi as well as Marathi Industry. How different are these two Industries from each other?

SumedhI personally didn’t witness any major differences as such. Both the Industries have good content and good artists. There might be some technical contrasts, but I am a person, who is more concerned about my character and how I will portray myself the best. Marathi Industry is a talent hub and I am looking forward to work more and more in this Industry.

 Q: You have worked with Ashvini Bhave in Maanjha and now Madhuri Dixit in Bucketlist. How was your experience working with such stalwarts of our Industry? What did you learn from these gorgeous talent queens?

SumedhIt was amazing working with these leading ladies. Ashvini Ma’am is a fine actor and a very good human. Madhuriji is yet again a timeless diva. Such people have lot of experiences which are necessary for every actor to grow. I consider myself lucky for having got an opportunity to work with them. The most important thing I learnt is HOW TO EXPRESS and EXPLORE more of myself. Even being with them teaches you a lot of things.  I believe all the top actors have one quality in common: HARDWORKING.

Q: We have seen you playing a negative character in MAANJHA and now looking at the trailer, your character in BUCKET LIST is that of an emotional, possessive person. How is Sumedh in real life?

SumedhI tend to be practical. I believe in Understanding of things. I think Understanding of things going around you is important. It teaches you what things to do and what not to do. I try to find peace in everything. It’s not like I am shy or too silent, I am a complete chatter-box, but only with my close friends. I try to open up otherwise too, but not too much.

Q:  What is your dream role and is there any specific film-maker you would like to work with?

Sumedh: (Laughs) There’s a long long long list. But, again I work and strive hard to make each role my dream one. Talking about film-makers, I really cannot tell any specific name. There are so many talented film-makers in Marathi Industry, Bollywood as well as Hollywood; I wish to work with many of them and grasp their qualities which will boost and make me a better version of what I am today.

Q: Many of Marathi Artists are now engaging more in Theatre. Sumeet Raghvan, your co-star in Bucketlist is also seen in HAMLET. Would you like to be a part of the Theatre Industry?

SumedhAbsolutely! I would love to perform LIVE. It’s a thrilling experience. I have not been approached yet for any Plays, as I am hooked up with serials and movies. But, I will definitely love to work in any good play.


Q: Mention any three top things from your BUCKET LIST?

SumedhBack then, I always had this desire of having a self-earned car, to work in movies and to win awards. I guess I was really really lucky to have ticked these 3 things off my bucket list. It definitely wasn’t a cake walk as I did put by blood and sweat to earn them but again big thanks to my parents and the people from Industry for believing in me and making me a better human today. There are many others, but, let me complete them and we will have yet another session. (laughs as he signs off)

Watch BUCKETLIST in the nearest cinema halls from 25th May.


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