Bhaurao Karhade in conversation with M.B.O.

Bhaurao Karhade

Bhaurao Nanasaheb Karhade is a film-maker, who rose to fame with the national award-winning cinema ‘KHWADA’. Bhaurao is basically a farmer hailing from Ahmednagar District in the state of Maharastra, who made a directorial debut, with ‘KHWADA’. The director considers Satyajit Ray’s ‘Pather Panchali’ as an inspiration, for his inclination towards film-making and exploring his love for cinema. Karhade sold the land, belonging to his family, to raise finances for his debut film and his story is indeed an inspiration for the budding talents. In a candid chat with our team, Director Bhaurao Karhade, who is on cloud 9, opens up about his recent critically-acclaimed movie ’Baban’

  • ‘Khwada’, your first film, was a national award recipient; how is ‘Baban’ different from ‘Khwada’? Many are saying ‘Baban’ is a sequel of ‘Khwada’…

‘Baban’ is a very different film. ‘Khwada’ is in no way related to it. Both the movies have been filmed in different contexts. People might be getting confused as I did mention in the end credits of ‘Khwada’ that we will be meeting next year… but, what I meant by that was another film and not its continuation. 

  • ‘Baban’ is a commercial hit. What was your strategy?

Thank you. There wasn’t any strategy as such. We obviously did the necessary P.R. and social media promotions, but the movie went on to receive the much-needed love and appreciation by word of mouth. It feels satisfactory, as a film-maker, that the topic is reaching the public.

  • It seems the picturization of songs was somewhat similar to ‘Sairat’, was that on purpose to attract the audience?

I never really intended to copy any previously done act. What I did was purely the necessity of my script and I believe it’s in no way related or similar to ‘Sairat’ or any other act. Each movie is different and it feels bad when people compare two movies. (Sighs)

  • As a movie-maker, what do you feel satisfies the most? Content-Driven Films or commercially hit with masala movies.

For me, it’s always a content-oriented movie. But, we have the wide range of movies, like I have previously stated, each movie stands different in its own way and the creativity of every Director should be respected. Of course, the movie being a commercial hit is always a cherry on the cake, but for me, that is not the sole purpose of designing a film. The content comes first and the money follows gradually. (Smiles)

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